Mission statement

Mission Statement

U.S. Connections leverages nearly a quarter-century of strong industry relationships and delivers global wireless-technology products and services through an industry-leading Strategic Partner Network. U.S. Connections is dedicated to a relentless pursuit of customer service excellence with comprehensive sales consultation, cooperative marketing and sales operation programs; maximizing value and profitability as The Complete Wireless Solution. US Connections and its channel partners have a data base of over one million customers ranging from Fortune 500 Companies, Small and Medium Size Businesses. We are committed to bringing our customer base to Verizon Wireless.

Why U.S. Connections?

U.S. Connections has cultivated one of the largest, most efficient and profitable wireless distribution networks in the United States by offering our Strategic Partners:

  • Expert Sales Consultation & Comprehensive Training Programs
  • High-rate, On-time & Accurate Commission Payments
  • Professional Sales Operations and Sales Support.
  • Nationwide Wireless Service Activation and Activation Support
  • Value-added Distribution

U.S. Connections is dedicated to helping Solution Providers in our distribution network grow and continue to be profitable through constant business development strategies. U.S. Connections continues to offers access to the latest in wireless and mobile broadband technology as well as additional integrated wireless solutions to increase revenue opportunities empowering our Strategic Partners to become a Complete Wireless Solution.