About Us

U.S. Connections is a division created by a group of telecommunications industry experts backed up with 20 years of experience, focusing on sales and distribution of Verizon Wireless. The company aims to provide customers with the finest service, supported by highly knowledgeable sales and technical personnel. U.S. Connections utilizes a vigorous recruitment of Solution Providers to initiate its market penetration by offering efficient tools to assist the organization’s target of significant growth and profitability.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, our operation extends to our competent Solution Providers that will help deliver efficient customer support and satisfaction. It is the company’s thrust to be in the forefront of the newest growth area in the telecommunications arena. We are geared strongly towards establishing our distinct mark to be the No. 1 telecommunication solutions provider in the industry.

We firmly believe U.S. Connections’ prospects in the coming years are promising despite intense competition, the dynamic transformation in technology as well as evolving business models taking place in the local and global telecommunications scene. The support of a competent and reliable carrier, Verizon will enable U.S. Connections to turn its vision to reality – “Providing Efficient Communications Solution”.